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Twine Believes in TrueData™

At Twine, mobile data reflects real people’s actions and attributes and isn’t generated by opaque algorithms and assumptions; consumer privacy is respected; and mobile publishers and marketers alike can drive growth with a data platform that is transparent, honest, and clear.  Twine consistently delivers on this mission at tremendous scale.

Grow Your Business with Twine 

Twine delivers real, people-based data that is never inferred, modeled or extrapolated from bots or screens. TrueData is our unwavering dedication to real, quality data at scale.

We work with the broadest set of mobile data types on the market, providing publishers and marketers with a single platform for data monetization, insights, and effective mobile marketing.

For app publishers, Twine provides flexibility and control of their data licensing while protecting the long term value of data assets and respecting the privacy of the consumer.

For marketers and data scientists, Twine provides a source of unique, fresh, and vetted data for targeting and intelligence, at scale.


Connect offline and desktop marketing profiles safely and anonymously to mobile devices.  Onboard existing audiences to mobile, extend campaigns across devices, and expand targeting options.

mobile users mapped


Twine builds anonymous audience profiles from the demographic, interest, and behavioral attributes of mobile users. We do this without tricks or algorithms and rely on real actions and real data directly pulled from apps.  App install, buying, browsing–we have the proprietary data marketers need.

users in mobile segments


Delivering the right ad at the right moment is the holy grail of mobile.  Twine’s location data provides signals from across a range of devices and publishers to fuel the targeting that makes it possible.

mobile location signals

The Best Brands In The World Use Twine


The Best Brands Use Twine

Mobile Marketers

Good data can be hard to find. With the dearth of real mobile data available, data providers have resorted to transcribing desktop data to mobile with wobble-producing models, harvesting data from the fraud-ridden bid stream, and boosting mobile scale with IP-based techniques.

Twine’s data is different. Our meticulously developed partnerships with app publishers provide a stream of real, deterministic data at scale. That means our data reflects the actual, reported actions, locations and information of users—not just guesses. This is TrueData.

Increase your ROI with TrueData

Mobile Audience Targeting

Target mobile users with Twine’s deep, vetted, verified, mobile-sourced attributes. Available standard through every major DSP, or as custom segments to suit your needs.

Mobile Insights

Uncover information about your own users or potential target audiences: demographics, the apps they use, where they are when they use those apps, and more.

Mobile Onboarding

Retarget your offline email database with mobile ads. Leverage Twine’s massive store of mobile-linked identity to convert offline data into mobile audience segments.  Use our massive store of mobile-linked identity data to turn email addresses into anonymized Mobile Ad ID segments and start re-targeting your database with precision.

Mobile Data Feeds

Subscribe to get billions of lines of Twine’s data to power your advertising ecosystem. Direct data feeds, sourced from hundreds of publishers and vetted via our strict quality control, can power data models, analytics, and complex decision making.  Our Mobile Ad ID-linked sets include dozens of unique attributes.

Data Providers

We're For You
Does your company generate data on who is using an app, what they do in the app, or where they are when they use it?  Then you are creating a valuable resource that mobile marketers are looking for, and you have an asset that in our platform can give a lot back.  Data is a precious resource; you need a partner like Twine who can generate tremendous value from your data while protecting both its long term value and consumer privacy.

Twine’s single-integration platform delivers:

  • Control: Maintain the integrity and protect the long-term value of your data via smarter  licensing

  • Revenue: Earn revenue quickly on the best terms. Twine has deals in place with the adtech firms and marketing partners that matter

  • Privacy: Respect your consumers with an end-to-end privacy framework for safe, fair and anonymous data use. Twine data licensors adhere to a strict set of guidelines

  • Partnership: Work in a  simple framework by enabling one connection to manage, visualize and monetize all of your data via batch, API or SDK

  • Growth: Get preferred rates on Twine’s TrueData from across 200+ other apps to help drive better user acquisition, customer retention, targeting and analytics

One place to manage and maximize the value of all the data your business generates

In online advertising, a supply-side platform (SSP) helps a publisher maximize the value of their advertising space.  Twine brings this power to another publisher asset: data.

Data Collection & Distribution

Collect data with accuracy and sophistication you never could before with our state-of-the-art SDK. Or push your data to our cloud platform with one seamless API or S2S connection. In either case we can take the responsibility of storing your data or distributing it wherever you need it to go, all with no additional engineering investment.

Mobile Audience Targeting

Grow your business with better data. Data Providers can access Twine’s vast pool of vetted, verified TrueData at a preferred rate to increase user acquisition.

Mobile Data Productization & Monetization

Start generating an incremental revenue stream right away by tapping into Twine’s existing vetted relationships. We navigate the legal and business obstacles for our data contributing partners so they can focus on growing their businesses.

App Analytics

There’s nothing more valuable than knowledge. Data Providers get free access to intelligence about their own users or potential target audiences, all powered by TrueData.