Senior Software Engineer

Twine is a fast-growing early-stage startup that is solving a billion dollar problem: the mobile data gap.  Mobile app publishers currently face a huge hurdle in monetizing their apps because a lack of good mobile targeting data drives ad rates to one-fifth what they are on desktop.   Twine partners with app publishers and others that generate data on who is using an app, where they are when they use it, and what they do in the app.  We clean and anonymize the data and make it available to mobile marketers who want to use it for mobile ad targeting.  Apps get a new source of revenue, and marketers get the data they need.

We are experiencing great momentum and are ready to expand our team.  Our Senior Software Engineer  will be the next addition to our engineering staff in Los Angeles and will report directly to the CTO.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Developing multithreaded processes in Java to efficiently query, transform, and deliver data, as well as to ingest, transform, and store data
  • Designing and implementing storage for new datasets and the automated data ingestion and/or delivery processes required for them
  • Developing  web-based custom data reporting and management applications

What we’re looking for in an ideal candidate:

  • You plow through multiple obstacles in a day, using a combination of persistence, research, problem-solving skills, and your own experience
  • You take pride in your work, and especially work that is completed, tested, and in production
  • You are a sink for problems, rather than a source. You make your co-workers’ jobs easier, not harder
  • You are available for and responsive to questions. You are professional and collegial in your communications
  • You like being the person that others rely on
  • You quickly learn new technologies as needed and recognize that you are engaged in timely, business-critical tasks
  • You are transparent in what you do. You discuss, document, and commit your work as needed
  • You recognize technology is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Tech is always for some end user, not for the engineer

Minimum required experience & skills:

  • 5+ years of solid professional experience in Java programming, developing both web and standalone applications
  • Experience developing multithreaded software
  • Experience with building high-performance database and ETL applications
  • Strong understanding of database fundamentals, including performance tradeoffs in database and index design

Helpful experience & skills:

  • MongoDB development experience, using both Java and the Javascript-based shell
  • Experience with AWS cloud architecture, using both Java, the CLI, and the console
  • Experience working with Apache Struts and Tomcat
  • Comfortable working in Linux and with bash shell scripting
  • Experience in the ad tech or ad data industry a plus

This job will be based in Los Angeles.  Remote applications will be considered, but local candidates will be given preference.

morgbert@hotmail.comSenior Software Engineer